What is Mobile Refrigeration and Common Applications?

Mobile refrigeration trailer parked outside a store.Refrigeration systems have come a long way since people used to pack food in warehouses and freight cars filled with slabs of real ice. Due to the rise of mobile refrigeration units in freight cars and trucks, it became possible to transport perishable goods such as meat, dairy products, and fruit over long distances. It's impossible to tell what the future may hold in terms of technological advances, but it's clear that mobile refrigeration has had an enormous effect on human progress, and isn't likely to diminish in importance anytime soon.

What is Mobile Refrigeration?

Mobile refrigeration is a concept built around providing refrigerator and freezer capacity in a portable format.

We deliver a trailer or walk-in room based on each customer's unique needs. Our trailers and walk-in rooms come in a variety of sizes.

How does Mobile Refrigeration work?

Irrespective of whether a customer chooses a trailer or walk-in room, we handle delivery and pickup. Upon delivery, we set up the unit in a spot that is most convenient to the customer. We also hook the unit to mains power, install shelving and lighting, and make sure everything is set to go. A generator can be used if mains power is not available.

At the end of the rental term, we dispatch a technician to pick up the unit and bring it back to our location. If there is any need for maintenance or repair during the term, we handle that as well.

Emergency mobile refrigeration trailer using a generator to operate.Mobile Refrigeration for Emergencies

The majority of our business originates from customers who plan their mobile refrigeration needs well in advance. But we also offer emergency services too. Customers within the Upstate New York area benefit from our emergency mobile refrigeration service.

Our trailers and walk-in rooms are used by restaurants, bars and pubs, educational institutions, medical facilities, caterers, and even individuals who just need some extra cold storage capacity for a family event. All it takes to arrange delivery of a unit is a quick call to Triton Mechanical.

What is the application of Mobile Refrigeration?

Refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers provide amazing benefits like extending the shelf life of your product. Moreover, they save money and help maintain the quality of everything from food and beverages to chemicals and vaccines.

Common mobile refrigeration applications include:

  • Inventory Overflow Storage
  • Wine & Vintner Storage
  • Commercial Kitchen Remodels
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Farming, Agriculture & Ranch Storage
  • Produce
  • Chemical Supply & Manufacturing
  • Seafood Wholesale
  • Resins & Polymers
  • Field Research Storage
  • Environmental & Geotechnical Projects
  • Medical, Biomedical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers
  • Vaccines

There are a number of benefits to renting on-site portable cold storage. When it comes to cold storage solutions, Triton Mechanical has the experience and the friendly staff that can help make your event or your operation a success. Contact us if you are in need of mobile refrigeration at any time.

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