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FULL SERVICE CONTROL SOLUTIONS How your HVAC systems are controlled have a tremendous impact on safety, comfort, efficiency and downtime. We offer a range of solutions from basic thermostats, to VAV zoning solutions, and complete building automation systems (BAS). Our team is directly involved with every aspect of your project: engineering, installation, commissioning, and ongoing care.
UPGRADE FROM PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS The availability of parts and cost of downtime with older pneumatic controls systems are a serious concern for building owners. Digital controls offer improved comfort, reduced downtime, and lower operating cost. Our team has experience with pneumatic-to-DDC upgrades. PROPRIETARY VS. NON-PROPRIETARY CONTROL SYSTEMSControl systems are typically classified as either proprietary (closed) or non-proprietary (open). Propriety systems integrate exclusively with equipment and software produced by the manufacturer, while non-proprietary building control systems can integrate with a variety of different equipment manufacturers and platforms. Proprietary systems often include subscription costs and require you to seek support from the factory. One of the reasons we advocate for open systems where customers have more freedom and flexibility.
Triton Mechanical Service Technician AUTOZONE2 CONTROL SYSTEMTriton Mechanical is proud to represent AutoZone2 (AZ2) and Prism web interface in the Rochester and Syracuse markets. Low cost of installation, open architecture, and free software support have made this an attractive option for our customers.
What control systems do you support?Our staff can support most control systems. The exceptions are proprietary or ‘closed’ systems like Alerton, ASI, Novar and Trend. Is it possible to upgrade obsolete or legacy systems?Yes. We have experience upgrading existing EMS (energy management systems) to an ‘open’ format system using WattMaster (AutoZone2) and Honeywell variants.
Can you support pneumatic control systems?We can, yes. The challenge with older pneumatic systems like Johnson Controls is the cost and availability of parts. Customer’s we have worked with have benefited greatly from a DDC (direct digital control) conversion.
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