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Planned maintenance is a wise investment for both your HVAC and refrigeration systems. Having our trained staff conduct safety inspections and performance testing can help identify potential issues before they cause costly downtime. Over 40% of the emergency calls we run for new clients could have been prevented with proper maintenance.
All of our programs are customized. We take into consideration the type of equipment, the age and condition, and the application. Service history and existing issues are also taken into consideration. Although we offer programs that meet any budget, we emphasize that the most expensive option is not having a maintenance program in place.
Endless FlexibilityScalable programs that include progressive discounts and unmatched flexibility. Putting you in control with on-demand service.
Customizable SolutionsOur programs are built specifically for your equipment and application. We discuss your needs, and offer custom solutions.
Protection at Every LevelFull-service programs blend custom planned maintenance with service. The best option for high performance applications.
PERFORMANCE AUDITSWe have instruments available to help audit the performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC systems. By measuring temperatures, refrigerant pressures and air flow data, we can ensure your system is running at peak performance throughout the year. BENEFITSContract customers enjoy many benefits, including discounts service rates, material and equipment pricing, and preferential service during peak times of the year. Guaranteed response times and extended warranties are also available depending on the program.
Triton Mechanical Service Technician CLIENT PORTALWe are pleased to offer one of the best ERP software packages to our clients. One system, integrating all aspects of your facility, connected to our technician’s field mobility, and a client portal second to none. Work orders, repair estimates, complete AR/AP access, agreements, and asset management are features available to every client at no cost.
SAFETYProtect your employees and clients with properly executed maintenance. PRODUCTIVITYImprove your environment for better working, shopping, learning & living. LIFE EXPECTANCYSafeguard your asset. Maintenance is the easiest way to extend system life.
COST CONTAINMENTManage expenses by preventing major problems & avoiding future failures. AVOIDING DOWNTIMEThe cost of downtime is exponentially greater than the cost of maintenance. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCYReduce energy consumption by achieving the highest possible efficiency levels.
Are there discounts available for PM (planned maintenance) customers? Reductions in our service rates and material pricing is extended to clients who enroll in a maintenance or service program. Discounts on new systems, rental equipment, and special projects also apply. Program customers also receive peak-time priority.What do your technicians do during a maintenance?A thorough safety inspection and comprehensive cleaning of the equipment is performed each session. The entire scope is customized based on the customer’s equipment type and application.
How do you track equipment history?All customers have free access to our client portal. An extension of our software, this connects customers to the same records that our offices and technicians use every day. Service history, repair estimates, maintenance agreements, asset management, and accounting are just some of the features. How often should you maintain commercial HVAC and refrigeration equipment?For comfort heating and air conditioning we suggest 2 to 6 visits annually, based on the age, condition and application. Refrigeration is similar and takes into consideration the product being stored and what (if any) redundancy there may be.
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